Helix Protect is our leading Data Protection service.

Underpinned by world class technology, Helix Protect allows us to provide protection with a comprehensive portfolio of services from advanced analytical reporting right up to a world class managed service

Take Control of your Data Protection Estate

Many organizations struggle to gain a clear view of their data protection estate, due to a sprawling environment or multiple products - a single view can be challenging. Helix Protection Report provides heterogeneous reporting across the data protection estate helping you stay on top of backups.

Helix Protect Report is a cloud based service bringing together a simplified view across multiple technologies and data centers helping automate backup reporting with prioritized real-time alerts. Monitor your entire environment and provide comprehensive visibility across the data protection estate, allowing administrators to quickly reveal backup statuses and discrepancies in a simple "single pane of glass" view with real time customer dashboards and reports.

With full integration into your service management platform, Helix Protect can help you troubleshoot issues at the root, whilst giving you the visibility to trend your data, predict growth & ensure you are delivering a world class data protection solution.

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Doing what’s best for your business.

Data is in the DNA of your business, and it’s essential for your success. So it makes sense to do everything in your power to protect it.

For many organisations, that means using Tectrade’s Helix Protect management service to look after their data for them.

Why? Because on average, before we manage our customers’ data backup, their success rate is 87%. When we’re managing their backup for them, that success rate increases to 99%.

To find out if Tectrade’s management service is right for you, all it takes is a Data Protection Maturity assessment.