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At Tectrade, we work with organizations across the globe helping them take care of a wide range of data issues - from data protection to storage, management, security and disaster recovery.

Your Data Protection Maturity assessment.

99% is the backup success of our customers. Do you know how successful your backups are? If you’d like to know if your data protection measures are up to the task, we’re offering you a consultation with one of our Senior Consultants who will conduct a Data Protection Maturity assessment.

The Tectrade Data Protection Maturity assessment is a tool designed to help organizations understand how their operational model and strategy is impacting the performance of their data protection environment.

Our consultants will conduct a series of short interviews with IT stakeholders in your business, scoring their answers across; strategy, reporting, operations, and technology. We will discover where you are today and where your business needs to be.

This data will then be combined with information about your existing backup and restoration success rates to plot your position on our model and create a concise report that will highlight key focus areas across strategy, reporting, operations, and technology that will reduce the risk of data loss. Each identified area will include recommended steps to remediate.

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Doing what’s best for your business.

Data is in the DNA of your business, and it’s essential for your success. So it makes sense to do everything in your power to protect it.

For many organisations, that means using Tectrade’s Helix Protect management service to look after their data for them.

Why? Because on average, before we manage our customers’ data backup, their success rate is 87%. When we’re managing their backup for them, that success rate increases to 99%.

To find out if Tectrade’s management service is right for you, all it takes is a Data Protection Maturity assessment.